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Q: How can I use shopping cart?

Shopping Cart is a great facility that can hold as many items as you want to before your checking out. Our cart is similar to shopping cart used by many shopping web sites, same idea as you walk into a retail or grocery store and use their shopping cart to shop. Items in shopping cart will stay until they are removed, purchased or placed into wish list. To use our shopping cart, simply start shopping and use "Add to Cart" button displayed at each product page. Here is a sample of what our "Add to Cart" button may look like under the product page - add to cart sample button

Depending on which page you are browsing, we have also designed in "Group Add" feature into the traditionally "Add to Cart" action that will significantly save your time. This feature is available in product List View. Rather than add each individual product into the shopping cart, you can simply select the ones you like on the same page and add them all at once to the cart by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. This function is very useful when shopping in a ebay gallery view-like setting and you want to quickly go through featured products by looking at their thumbnail pictures and titles. Once product is in the cart, they can later be deleted, saved. Here is a illustration of how it works:

group add selections to cart
Group Selection in List View

Regardless of where you shop in our site, there will always be a mini cart display visible at the far top right corner of each page. The mini cart is a short version of the customerís shopping cart that is available on every page and it will always show the number of items and subtotal before tax, discount and shipping. . Simply click the link will lead to the detailed shopping cart display and from there one can start checkout process after logging in.

Options available in shopping cart:

  Keep Shopping
To continue shopping, you can use the Shopping Cart to store items you wish to purchase. Click on "Keep Shopping" button to search the site for more items or go back to the previous page. At any time during your shopping experience, you can return to your Shopping Cart by clicking on the mini cart display at the top right corner
Whenever you make a change to the quantity, add or change any promotional code, you may wish to reflect the changes to the currently displayed cart. By clicking on it, the shopping cart total will change accordingly.
If you wish to finish shopping and pay for your items, Checkout will take you to the 2nd stage in our 5-stage checkout flow. If you haven't registered or log in, the next page will ask for log in or new customer registration. Customers who have already logged in can choose shipping address at the 3rd stage.
  Save Shopping Cart
"Save this cart" will help those customers who prefer to store their shopping cart items for further review or archive purpose and will need a easy access to their choosing. To use this function, you will have to register first. All saved cart can be pulled for review in "My Account" setting and later converted to shopping cart for easy shopping.

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