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Q: Do I need to pay sales tax?

Important Sales Tax Information for Resellers in California:

If you are a registered reseller with the State of California, you may qualify for tax exemption for your orders on this web site otherwise you will be charged sales tax at the current rate of Alameda County.

To qualify, first you will need to register and fill in your State-issued Resell Permit No. at new customer registration. Afterward you may start shopping on our site and place orders with us but your order will not be shipped until the second step finished. Second, you must fill out a Resale Certificate and fax it back to Once we receive and verify your form, we will approve your exempt status on this web site, and you may complete subsequent orders without being charged CA state sales tax. To expedite your first order, we strongly encourage your sending the Resale Certificate to us in advance.

You only need to fax this form once. Feel free to email us at

California Resellers can get your standard Resale Certificate here (PDF). Print it out and follow these simple instructions:

On the top of the form, enter your sellers permit number.
In question 2, write in the type of products you normally sell (i.e., "gifts and home decor").
In question 3, list "EchoMerx Corporation" as the vendor's name.
In question 5, write in what products you are purchasing from (i.e., "gift items"). Fill in the form at the bottom, and you're finished! Fax it to us at (866)-610-2527.

Important Sales Tax Information for All Other Resellers:

If you are a registered reseller with state where you conduct most businesses, you need to get reseller permit from local state tax board. provides products and services to resellers who would like to resell our products either online or offline at brick and mortar store and owns a boutique business. We don't tax your purchase, but we encourage you to check with your local tax board for information on sales and use taxes.

Tel: 408-441-0116


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