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Q: An item I want is sold out, Will it ever become available again?

We are striving to provide the most accurate count of our inventory and bring those data just-in-time to our site. But there are possibilities that some items might become unavailable at a particular time. Backorder, as most retailer will use, is a term that refers to the status of items in the event that some or all of the inventory required to fulfill the order is out of stock. Generally at, once a product is sold out, there is always the chance that we will bring it back. However, in many cases, our inventory come in limited quantities and cannot be restocked. We encourage you to check back often.

In the case of back order, we will first notify customer of your order modification and the available for shipping. Your invoice will be adjusted to reflect that change. Your new invoice will be emailed to you in pdf file and the correct amount being charged is detailed in invoice rather than in online order details. The shortage or backordered items are not being charged and NOT ordered.


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